Used phones can be implemented via special consignment shops that accept used equipment. This is the easiest way to make a sale – you could go to one of the stores and offer the phone for purchase. However, this may not be the best method, because most thrift stores assign too small a price for a device.
Another popular variant of implementation pawnshops. In these institutions have the opportunity to take the phone and get him a certain amount. In most cases, the price of the device will be slightly higher than in the Commission shops. The only difference may be that under the agreement with Lombard you can after some time to return your camera, paying the cost again and storage services.
To sell the most profitable phone on the Internet. There are a large number of sites of auctions (e.g., AMAZON or "hand in hand"), which will help to find a potential buyer to your device. Sign up on one of these resources using the functions of the interface page. Learn offered on the website ads to determine the approximate cost of the device.
Create an advertisement that will list all the functions of your device and its condition. It is important to take staff photos, as without them, the chance to sell the device much lower. Ask the average price the device based on the data obtained during the study other ads. Post a message about the sale and wait for calls from potential buyers, which will appear if your ad is properly designed.
You can offer a cell phone in one of the service centers of the city. The employees can happily accept your device for parts, however, are unlikely to offer you a large sum for him. This is a quick way to get money for the device, however, it will not be the most beneficial. The advantage of selling phone to a service center is the opportunity to take even a broken device that will refuse to buy in any other stores and on online auctions.