Make a list of the existing drives with the movie's title and year of release. This step must be completed before you start the further search for a buyer. Because remember dozens, and sometimes hundreds of titles you are unlikely.
Set the price. Even if once you have bought the disks for three hundred rubles apiece, we should not hope that today you help out at least fifty percent of their value. Be realistic - in the age of high technology, where each movie can be downloaded in ten minutes on the Internet, DVDdisks has lost its relevance to many segments of the population.
Give an ad in the newspaper. Media free host ads from citizens, quite a lot. Try to contact several publications at once. Tell about the product, its quantity, its contacts and, preferably, price.
Place an ad on the Internet. Try to cover a larger number of sites online flea markets, auctions, forums. Mention about your product on a large number of sites and your chances of selling the disks will increase.
Go to the market. In such places the implementation of the DVD is still relevant, so you should try to negotiate with the seller or owner of the tent about selling your collection. If you set the minimum price, the chances to get rid of immediately from all the boring disks.