The first thing that comes to mind is the placement of the ads with photos on the Internet, at special sites. This is usually the best and fastest way through which you can sell your dress.
There are salons that take used gowns. If the searches are successful - you will help to sell it.
In addition, you can donate or rent a wedding dress to her friend, cousin or just a friend that's getting married.
Before you get rid of the dress, you should consider how much you need it. Probably have, it's very bright and good memories. Also, consider how you will be pleasant looking or even trying it again in my thoughts bride to the altar.
You can create a custom in my family to pass your gown from generation to generation. How to be nice to you when your daughter grows up and wants more than just to try it, but to hear the story about this unforgettable day. It is unlikely that the daughter will want your wedding dress was her wedding dress, she has the full right, but to see it it will be very interesting.
Another option would be the transformation of wedding dresses for any new application. For example, you can enable your imagination and figure out how to alter it in an evening dress or a trendy skirt with a corset.
A very interesting and symbolic idea to sew a wedding dress the envelope for the newborn baby. It is suitable to take the baby from the hospital or for christening baby. Also, dresses will pillows with lovely decor. Or you can sew into a blanket that will become a family heirloom. To decide what to do with the wedding dress only to you, but think carefully before you sell, so you do not regret making.