First assess the thing. Try to determine its real price. For example, if the clothes are worn, ask for it as for new makes no sense. Even if a potential buyer will lead to the announcement, viewing the clothes up close, he'll notice all of her flaws.
Decide for yourself which option suits you best: either you appoint a cheap price and quickly sell unnecessary things, or you set a higher bar and wait for his moment of glory. Sooner or later in any product is the buyer.
Try to sell their stuff, posting ads on forums or through social networks. To do this, create a beautiful and concise text. In addition to the General characteristics of the goods will not be superfluous to write about the reason you want to sell bought for personal use things. If the clothes, write that you went up a size, if the technique - tell specifically what you do not like it. Otherwise, the users of the network will begin to wonder what is wrong and therefore will apply to your proposal cautiously.
Your ad it is best to accompany the photo. Images must be profitable to emphasize the advantages of the products sold. So if his appearance was a little boobtease, before the photo session, it is best to bring the goods in proper condition. Or at least adjust the shortcomings of the image using the computer program Photoshop.
Try to sell your old stuff with free ads Newspapers. Most of them have a section "Sell" ("Sold" or the like), where you can post your information.
Look for buyers on things from her wardrobe among friends. Remember who your close friends about the same physique, and offer products that are not ashamed to sell. Of course, the price should not be high.
In Western countries, especially popular are the so-called flea markets. On a certain day, the inhabitants of private houses laid out along the road used items, from which you want to get rid of. Europeans are not shy to touch the neighbor's things, to bargain and take home with household items that the party saw more than once. Try to arrange a flea market on their own. Attract their friends and relatives. Surely each of them has something to sell.