You will need
  • The tool kit, an aerodynamic body kit, tinted glass, spoiler, paint, plaster, new shock absorbers, springs.
Examine carefully the condition of the paint of your car. Look in the technical passport. There you will find information about galvanized if the body of your dozens. Small scuffs and scratches can be easily fixed with polishing. Note the rear wheel arch. This is a sore spot at ten. If the arch started to rust, you need to strip them to bare metal. Then putty in two coats and paint. Arches with obvious corrosion of metal must digest. Another vulnerable spot is the rapids. They need to pour the oil to not start the corrosion process. The affected thresholds are subject to replacement.
Inspect the suspension of your car. It affects not only technical condition, but also the safety drive. Measure the ground clearance of the machine and compare the value with default parameters. Pay attention to the shock absorbers. They should be no traces of stains. It is best to use gas shock absorbers. They are well swallow the irregularities of the road surface and have long service life wear resistance. Also pay attention to the springs. Over time, they lose their quality and burst. Damaged springs must be replaced by a similar new one.
Work on the external style of the car. Purchase according to your taste external aerodynamic. Now on the market represented a very large range. You can install the wing. The vents on the door will protect you from the rain from the Windows ajar. Properly chosen rims will give your car a solidity. If you don't want the sun's rays blinded you were coming, we stonerose glass, however, remember about the normative documents that specify maksimilianovskaya percentage of toning according to GOST.
Take care of good optics for your car. Factory headlights and tail lights leave much to be desired. Upgrade options a lot. You can install xenon or halogen bulbs. This is a more budget option. If you want to get a quality light, will buy a new set of headlights. And you can choose absolutely different from the standard version. If you install the rear led lights, then your car will be clearly visible even in foggy weather.