Select a trunk based on the size of cargo that must be transported and the estimated load on the roof during transportation. Pay attention to the material from which made the products details. Better if they are made of galvanized steel. Valid plastic cover. Do not buy the trunk of a soft metal, especially if you plan to haul really heavy loads. Such racks quickly lose their performance. It is important that the build process did not used any special tools.
Buying the trunk, do not forget that the roof of the car VAZ-2110 has no drains. Therefore we need a trunk, which has a fixing to the edge of the roof.
Start with fixing poles for installation on the roof of the machine two transverse beams. To avoid damage to doors, supports shall accurately abut at the seals. Otherwise, you may suffer paint VAZ-2110.
Pull the adjusting handle. Gently holding on for support, turn the handle clockwise until the contact support, the car body does not become dense enough. Go around the car and repeat the process with the second support. Proceed smoothly, without loop handle. Control the evenness of the cross beam to the geometry has not been violated. After the procedure, check the tightness of fasteners on both sides of the roof.
Repeat the process with the second transverse beam. Measure the distance between the beams. It must be the same throughout the process.
After installation of the main structure of the trunk, attach the service box. It allows you to carry different loads, not paying attention to the weather conditions. The box frees the interior of the car, making it more spacious and comfortable for passengers. Some models have a shock-resistant cover and lock that in combination with straps for internal fixation of the cargo allows us to hope for the safety of the contents of the box, even in extreme situations.