To begin, make the removal of rear view mirrors. To do this, Unscrew the fastening screw of the handle and detach the handle from the lever whereby the control mechanism of the mirror. Gently pry the trim with a screwdriver and remove it. Under it you will see the screws that attach the mirror.
Unscrew these screws and remove the mirror. Remember that it is necessary to hold the mirror with the other hand to avoid its falling. After you have removed the desired design, carefully place it to one side. For further disassembly of the mirrors, put on gloves and eye glasses is a precaution to protect hands from cuts and eyes from the small pieces.
Put the mirror down as much as possible, to do this simple operation with knob control mirror. Push down with one hand at the bottom of the glass, thus you will get a small gap. In the hole shove any thin metal object: a screwdriver, a file. Gently pull the mirror out and set aside.
For the correct Assembly first, screw with two screws to the bracket. Then carefully hammer the steel washer between the spring windings. Insert into the housing of the future mirror wire that runs through the spring. Screw on wire nuts and put on the bracket. The free end is firmly secure. Insert the locking key and install the mirror element. A signal that everything is done right and everything fell into place, will become a click.
After all work install the assembled mirror to the vehicle in the reverse sequence. Don't forget to adjust its position by means of oval holes which are located on the side of the door. Then you can safely wear a plug.