You will need
  • - z-shaped key on "17"
  • - wrench slot 6 mm
  • - regular on "19"
  • - the cap key at "19"
  • - Jack
  • drift of soft metal
  • - hammer
  • - cut the plastic tubing (outer diameter 14 mm)
Inside the car, recline the rear seatback and attach carpeting from the place of the upper strut to the body. Take the z-shaped key on "17" and turns the top nut of the strut, hold the strut shaft from turning with a wrench slot 6 mm. removed from the strut shaft spring washer, base support washer and the top rubber pillow.
Take regular on "19" and turns nut to bolt the bottom mounts to the bracket of the lever beam. Thus hold the bolt from turning swivel key at "19".
Post rear wheel with a Jack and remove the lower anchor bolt of the rack. If the bolt cannot be removed, knock it in using a drift of soft metal and a hammer.
Take the rack from the lugs of the lever bracket and remove it together with the spring. Make sure that the seal spring is not stuck to the body, and has no damage.
Remove the spring from the strut and spacer with the bottom cushion cover with a Cup and buffer compression (bump). Assembly and installation of the strut with the spring hold in the reverse sequence.