You will need
  • - new halogen bulbs;
  • - xenon;
  • - new glass for the headlamp;
  • - a new reflector;
  • - new sealant;
  • - screwdriver;
  • - wrenches;
  • - cotton gloves.
Wash lights. Adhering dirt is often the main cause of the sudden deterioration of the headlights. If you don't want to constantly wipe the headlight, install the headlight washers. To make this option for VAZ 2110, unfortunately, not stavat. So you have to be a little inventor. For "ten" is fine volgovskoe washers. Remove the bumper, drill the holes, insert them in the modules of the washers by tightening them with bolts. Connect the hose to the washer reservoir. Also connect the button in the cabin, which will control the operation of the washer. Connect it only through a fuse.
Examine the integrity of the glass lights. If it is cracked, install a new one. To do this, remove the headlamp Assembly, previously disconnecting the negative terminal from the battery. Wash spotlight. Take a heat gun and turn it on maximum power. Flowing and circular movements to heat the edge of the glass headlight to soften the sealant. Pry the glass blade plastic screwdriver and remove it from the headlamp. Remove the old sealant from the glass and the headlamp housing. Degrease the housing and the edge of the new glass. Apply a layer of new sealant. Carefully push the glass to the headlight housing.
Replace the reflector if the old peeled. To do this, remove the glass from the housing. Unscrew and remove the bulb. Unscrew from the back side of the bolts holding the reflector. Remove the old reflector, opening the latch. And install a new headlight assemble in reverse order.
Replace factory bulbs to halogen. They Shine much brighter. Also worth noting is their durability and efficiency. Instead of halogen bulbs, you can install the xenon. Xenon lamps are of different power, which depends on the brightness of. Install only bulbs recommended for use in your model car.