Decide where you will install the fog lights. The best option would be the bottom of the bumper where there are holes, in which they will stand. After that select themselves directly foglights that for this car model are of two types: with corrugated and transparent glass. The last shining spots, so to choose them is undesirable. Grooved perfectly diffuse the light across the surface of the roadway.
Will also buy frames for the fog lights, relay, wiring kit and the power button. After that get the wires from under the dashboard into the hood space. For this you will have to disassemble part of the panel and find a place to install the button. Connect the wires to the connectors on the headlights and carefully insulate them with electrical tape.
Install lights in the frame and carefully attach to the bottom of the bumper. Connect the wire that goes from tail light to the relay connector 85, the terminal 86, move the "minus" from the battery, 87 – plus, and 30 output power mounting unit. From the block output wires to the fog lamps. In this connection this type of lights will work when the headlights are on.
If you want to do to the lights was included with the button, then insert it into the gap on the supply line. After work make sure to adjust the headlights. If possible, test them in conditions of poor visibility, e.g. rain or snow.