Deciding how to flash VAZ 2110, you can look for a specialist who will decide for you such matters, or to perform a firmware for the machine with their hands. If you decide to save money and gain new experience, giving your car a more modern look, use the following steps. First, you need to first determine the type of the firmware, and then find the program you need and quickly download it from the Internet. Thus, deciding to flash the injector VAZ, understand whether installing it makes sense. Remember that in case of failure of factory-fit options, in any case, you saw you error in the results data.
Secondly, in order to flash VAZ 2110 before installation of a new program be sure to check if your car factory firmware, which includes disabling determining misfire. If your car is worth this option, no further flashing is not required. In this case define the type of original firmware in the following way: diagnose using skinmedica that programmatically shows the package system of your car.
If you still need the firmware for VAZ 2110, go to specialized shops and purchase the required cap and DF, and then properly stick a small pin on the camshaft. After that, connect the adapter, and carefully look at his settings because this device must operate in real-time. This operation is communication with the ECU should pass normally if the connection to the port produces an error, perform the firmware by yourself you are unlikely.
Next, download the ECU chosen by you and pre-downloaded program to the dual-mode firmware, for example, involving the use of gas and gasoline, or intended to use two modes – sport and economy. Then take an immediate revision of the ECU, carefully add to its connector wire providing for subsequent ground at each switching mode. Below the flashing process went without incident, much easier to remove the controller, and then execute the firmware is already home to properly connecting all of the contacts showing the mode switching on the ignition, emergency power, resolution, programming and power main relay.