Try to spend more with your loved one time. Show him attention, take part in its life. Appreciate the importance of the questions he is particularly concerned. Show interest in his problems and successes at work or in school. Be interested in his mood, well-being, desires.
Expand your horizons in order to fully understand a loved one. Learn his Hobbies, to equal rights to participate in his passion. And on occasion, offer him something new, unknown. Looking for information about his work or study, to better understand their everyday problems.
If a dear person have any problems, be involved, provide support, comfort. Don't wait, when he first asks aid. Take the initiative and offer help in everything. And the help should consist not only of sympathy and support, but also in life.
Don't sacrifice this when myself and my personality. Keep your inner peace, your Hobbies. Try to look for ways to combine their interests and Hobbies and your interests and Hobbies loved one. Tell him about your Hobbies, about themselves, about their daily lives. Maybe he also wants to take part in them.
Always be positive, happy and cheerful. Try to make the time spent together for a dear person was filled with pleasant emotions and positive. Dear and beloved person has to see you blossom and be transformed with him.
Often say nice words. Constantly emphasize how the second half is important and necessary. Try not to just say "You are very valuable", and explain for what reason he is in your life is the highest treasure, to talk about his positive qualities.
Don't forget to congratulate your friend on holidays, give him nice gifts. Even if you live far away and rarely find the time often call to chat. And not only on holidays.