In order to declare his love to a person who is part of your heart, you need to create a romantic atmosphere. You can assign a date in a restaurant or cosy café. Choosing the right moment, you need to tell us about their feelings. Melodious music will help to create the desired effect.
To declare his love can be in some unusual situation. For example, a stuck Elevator or flying in a balloon. In such situations, the person you love, you will not be able to ignore your confession, and even if he doesn't reciprocate, then to remember about this moment for a long time.
In some cases, a great effect may make a Declaration of love as if by accident. For example, you rush with your loved one on business, and while talking, suddenly say: "I love you", the result of such recognition is guaranteed.
Very original way of explaining love, there are poems. A rare person will not be happy, having received a Declaration of love in verses, especially verses of his own composition.
If talent in writing poetry you don't have, there's an easier way to explain that love: looking into his eyes, just tell me about your feelings for him.