Advice 1: How can a guy prove to the girl that he loves her

Men are inherently hunters. Even in a relationship the man takes the initiative and the first one shows their feelings. But what if the girl doesn't believe in your love? In your power to prove to her that you really like.
How can a guy prove to the girl that he loves her
You will need
  • - rose petals;
  • - food for a romantic dinner or a picnic;
  • - paint for the lettering under the Windows.
Be careful with his beloved. Women are very subtle feel and see everything that is happening. It may change some detail of your hair and to wait from you compliment. If you don't notice the change, she will be offended, and you won't even know the cause of discord. Notice every little thing, pay all your attention on the girl, so she could see how hard you try to prove your love to her.
Become the most caring. Surround the girl of his concern, letting him know that you care about her. When you are not around all day, send SMS, which interests, had lunch if she is, how she feels, what she wanted tonight. Be ready to fulfill any desire, if you want to please your beloved.
Become for his beloved real knight. Always open doors for her, offer a hand when she comes out of the transport, or down the steps. A woman is always waiting for the appearance in their life of a man, with whom she will be safe and you'll be able to show all their best qualities. If the partner does not give confidence in the future, the girl have to achieve something, to cope with the trouble. Let your favorite understand that you will always come to the rescue and will solve any problem. Become her protector.
Arrange surprises. Not necessary to buy expensive gifts, if you can't afford it. But to have a picnic by the lake or to Wade for a romantic dinner on the roof of the house to everyone under force. Show your beloved that you are ready for her to take any action, only that it was near you. Unleash romantic feelings. Dish out her room with rose petals and sing a Serenade or write a Declaration of love. Such actions coupled with all of the above will not allow the girl to doubt your love.

Advice 2: How to prove to the guy that you love him

Alas, not all is so rosy in the relationship, and the guy you love may not believe in your sincerity, and may pretend to not believe. This is also need to understand. Some heard from the girl recognition in tender feelings, ask them to prove it in bed. It is unlikely you will be able to expect from such a person is something more than the desire to take advantage of the situation. On the other hand, if your dear people have experienced once a great disappointment in love and doesn't believe in your feelings, the approach needs to be different.
How to prove to the guy that you love him
Love don't prove it live. Try to be around as often as possible to talk with your lover about what you both. Not worth the work bring to the fore to the detriment of his personal life.
Make a loved one smile, at least a little, the joy of giving, especially when it is no laughing matter because of the problems. Just don't joke about it, joke can be cruel and lead to a quarrel.
Gifts, not necessarily expensive, little things made with your own hands. They can cheer up not only you, especially if you guess the preferences and interests of the guy.
Devise a signal that will only be understandable to you two, and would mean: "I love you!" So you will be able to remind him of his sympathy in any situation, and understand your gesture will be only a favorite person.
Learn to be attentive, active listener. Even if you are very busy, it is enough to periodically nod and smile if this is a joke, sympathize, if it's a serious conversation, you can touch. Not necessary to answer every line with words.
Often hug her beloved boyfriend, often affectionately touch him. Even just passing by, shake hands, Pat on the shoulder. It is better than any words will say about your attachment.
Doing all that he believed in your sincere love, do not ask anything in return. It will take time before people will begin to understand and appreciate all your efforts. Or maybe he just hasn't learned to Express their feelings as openly as you do.

Advice 3: How to prove to the girl that I love her

There are so many ways to show your love to the girl. Many of them you've probably heard and even know. Daily manifestation of great emotion even in small things won't leave a girl indifferent. The main thing - to show their imagination. And in your action, it really see the love for yourself.
How to prove to the girl that I love her
Women love the attention. Invite a girl on a romantic date. A candlelight dinner a glass of champagne in the cosy cafes will set the girl in a romantic mood. Suitable and touching romance, during the session, hug your friend and tell me how good she's around.
Girls love with their ears. This well-known truth in any case should not be neglected. If you sing well, sing to her about his love in a karaoke bar, learn a beautiful poem about love, and even better writing your own. If the poetry it's not going well, give a card with a love confession. And you can just, looking in my eyes, to talk about their feelings.
Surprise your girl. Make your beloved believe in the power of your love, show her that you are capable of unexpected actions for the sake of it. You do not need to write in the yard, "I love you". For example, give her a huge bouquet of multicolored balloons or dish out the room with rose petals.
Girls love flowers, too, has not been canceled. But if you gave the bouquet will be accompanied by a small box with a ring inside, none of the girls will not have any doubts.
Useful advice
Be honest and loyal to their beloved, and this is the best of all deeds and words will help her to feel and understand your feelings.

Advice 4: What if the girl was offended

Ah, these girls, they have a fine mental organization - are on to something offended, something dissatisfied. Young people are sometimes too worried, seeing his beloved in tears or just upset. What to do if my love offended?
What if the girl was offended
If you don't know what is your fault (and this often happens because women tend to attach importance even fleeting views), try words that you have to go (cat, sun, etc.). Most likely, the offended person will soften up and stop sulking, especially if the offense is minor. But she can be stubborn, refusing to name the reasons of resentment, if not to forgive you. In this case, most likely, the girl did not like something small, and now she's punishing you.

If she does not want to say what it is and how to rectify the situation that same – then leave her alone. A young person cannot stand the character until the end. In the end, she will tell all.

In cases where you know what to blame, for example, was late for a date, embarrassing joke, because of her neglect, or has not fulfilled the promises –then you need to rectify the situation urgently, of course, if the girl you road.

Depending on the severity of your "crimes" you have to beg for forgiveness. The flowers, incidentally, will never be superfluous. Give her a big and beautiful bouquet – when you atone for the guilt, that sophistication can be forgotten. Let the bouquet is lush.

You also need to come up with something original and cute. Girls love nice gesture. Give her some original romantic gift that she will love, or of which she had long dreamed of. Maybe it will be a piece of jewelry or a plush toy.

And be sure to tell her lots of nice words, because girls love ears as you remember. Then, when you'll be forgiven, try to talk to my friend to understand better, what it can hurt, and also to convince that you care.

If your offense is serious, like cheating, gifts and flowers will not get off. In this case, the girl not only hurt – she humiliated and even angry. In this case, you will have to work hard to win back the trust of your sweetheart, and it's not one of the day.

Advice 5: What if the guy was offended

If the guy was offended and didn't want to continue communication, the girl can to rectify the situation. Delicious dinner, a sincere explanation and a bit of female trickery can work wonders. The ability to admit when you're wrong will save your relationship.
What if the guy was offended

How to apologize

If a guy is hurt, give him time to cool down and think about what happened. Premature apologies and clarify the relationship can lead to a new quarrel. Only do not tighten with an apology. The time-out in a day or two is enough.

If you are guilty – apologize to loved the first. Just be sincere. Simulated tears and tantrums will not help. Tell us honestly about your feelings and admit the error.

Take care of a young man. Arrange him a nice surprise, massage or feed them something delicious. Let him feel dear to you.

It is better to ask for forgiveness from the guy himself, when you see the eyes and reactions to each other. Apologies by phone or through the Internet, the recipient may ignore it.

Don't promise during the apology the fact that you can't fulfill. And if you promise – keep your word. Said that will no longer be late for appointments – be punctual!

Don't be Intrusive and don't let the guy humiliate you. Even criminals deserve pardons and forgiveness. Apologize, but do not make excuses.

Learn from the mistakes

During an argument, try not to beat on the patient and not to rush phrases that will hurt a partner. Expressed negatively in relation to the situation or act, but did not touch the identity of the men.

If you feel that you can't hold back on the barbs, " go away. The pause will allow you to cool you and your guy. You will not have time to tell each other what then would be ashamed of.

Gently make claims as they arise. Learn to speak with your beloved about your feelings. Then the accumulated resentment will not break out in a rude manner, which greatly hurt the partner.

Don't insult her boyfriend in front of others, especially his friends and loved ones. This will cause strong resentment and disappointment in you.

Don't be fooled by someone close. Lies destroys relationships. If you discredit yourself in the eyes of the guy, to regain the trust will not be easy.

When to put up useless...

If a guy is not ready to accept your lifestyle or friends and is constantly offended for no reason. In this situation, you will either have to change yourself or find a more understanding partner.

If the offense guy – a defensive reaction. Often the shortcomings in us looking for those who have finger in the pie. His offense, the young person may divert your attention from your faults.

If the offense is the reason for the breakup. Sometimes the man is easier to come up with an imaginary reason to end a relationship with a girl, than honestly admit that he met another.
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