You will need
  • - rose petals;
  • - food for a romantic dinner or a picnic;
  • - paint for the lettering under the Windows.
Be careful with his beloved. Women are very subtle feel and see everything that is happening. It may change some detail of your hair and to wait from you compliment. If you don't notice the change, she will be offended, and you won't even know the cause of discord. Notice every little thing, pay all your attention on the girl, so she could see how hard you try to prove your love to her.
Become the most caring. Surround the girl of his concern, letting him know that you care about her. When you are not around all day, send SMS, which interests, had lunch if she is, how she feels, what she wanted tonight. Be ready to fulfill any desire, if you want to please your beloved.
Become for his beloved real knight. Always open doors for her, offer a hand when she comes out of the transport, or down the steps. A woman is always waiting for the appearance in their life of a man, with whom she will be safe and you'll be able to show all their best qualities. If the partner does not give confidence in the future, the girl have to achieve something, to cope with the trouble. Let your favorite understand that you will always come to the rescue and will solve any problem. Become her protector.
Arrange surprises. Not necessary to buy expensive gifts, if you can't afford it. But to have a picnic by the lake or to Wade for a romantic dinner on the roof of the house to everyone under force. Show your beloved that you are ready for her to take any action, only that it was near you. Unleash romantic feelings. Dish out her room with rose petals and sing a Serenade or write a Declaration of love. Such actions coupled with all of the above will not allow the girl to doubt your love.