First, work on your gestures, which will tell the girl more than words. It is best to talk about love suitable gesture of her open hand. He says that you have nothing to hide and you are absolutely sincere. Make sure that during the conversation was not crossed arms or legs, because these gestures indicate the closeness and will make a girl suspicious. In her presence you need to improve the clothing and lay the fingers over the belt. Many girls already know that it's non-verbal signs of your special feelings. Well, show her your sympathy.
Second, touch her during an important conversation and just to communicate. Modern people often experience tactile hunger, they crave delicate touches. It is important that these touches were not too sexual in front of other people. Hug her, hold hands, looking into his eyes.
Third, when the conversation should not strive for great originality. All possible evidence of love has already been cited by anyone. However, each case still gives scope for creativity. To start analyze what in a girl attracts you the most. And tell her a graceful compliment.The best compliment is a slight exaggeration of real advantages, about which man knows. Tell me what she changed, if not your entire life, then at least your views on it. Decide what exactly will suit even the position to try to rescue the penguins - a lot of girls like it when they are considered so authoritative. Tell her she made your life a present that she you just existed. It is impossible to check, but caress her ego. Say that the time spent with her is the best time of your life. It is also impossible to verify. In short, a purely logical proof from you, no one needs, you just need to tell beloved what she wants to hear.