First of all, just remember that a self-respecting guy will forgive his beloved very much, but this does not mean that his patience is boundless! 99% of guys hate it when girls raise their voice. For them it is an unforgivable insult. So if you really love the guy, try to control myself. Always, especially in those "days".
God forbid you compare it with their former lovers. For any normal guy, the idea that someone before him was dear to you, is unbearable. Even if you have then there was no hint of sex.
Do not think that only women love with their ears". Guys also nice to hear compliments in his address. As you know, "a kind word and a cat is nice", not to speak of your young man!
Remember a wise, proven for centuries, the truth: "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach!" If you not only know how to cook, but also specifically for him to master some particularly delicious dish, he will be very happy.
Of course, demand that you're not jealous, naive. But, again, everything is good in moderation. If a person truly loves, he is, first, trust, and second, don't do what he was unpleasant. Believe me, from a scene of men, to put it mildly, not excited!
The issue of "proof" of love for boyfriend by sex is closely connected with the preceding paragraph. If you have not yet reached the intima – here to you both. But if you're raised in a strict rules such as: "not before the wedding, or you simply do not want to resort to such "evidence", remember that nobody has the right to force you. If the guy strongly insists, regardless of your wishes and feelings. here already one may wonder: "And if he really loves you?"