You will need
  • Mail program or access to the mail service
If you send emails you use the application installed in your operating system (e.g. Microsoft Outlook or The Bat!), then run it and create the message you want to send to multiple recipients.
List the email addresses of all recipients in the "to" field. Type them in one line, separating between a comma with a space. Instead of a comma, use the semicolon (;). If all you need ' is in your address book of your mail client, instead of manual input, you can use it. Depending on the program, this step can be organised in different ways- for example, in the application of The Bat, click on the icon on the right of the to: field, and then in the window that opens, drag all the ' out of left field to the right. Another option - put a mark in the checkboxes of the desired rows in the list, and then click the right arrow.
Similarly, you can use the fields "CC" and "BCC". The main difference between the list of recipients in the "to" and "CC" is the sort order and the convenience of already sent messages. If in the future you will need to find the text of this message, it is easier to search for it on the main recipient in the to: field, and not on a list that is best placed in the CC field. String BCC differs from the string "Copy" that are placed in it, the list will not be visible to anyone of the recipients.
Click the dispatch message with the list of recipients, and the app will start sending messages.
If you use a mail service hosted on an Internet server (for example, or, filling in the fields, which are described in the second and third steps need to be made in the browser, and their names and purpose, as a rule, coincide with the used email client. If your email service is free, then most likely, there is a limit on the number of recipients - for example, it should not exceed 15. See the limitations of your service before sending messages.