You will need
  • Installed Microsoft Outlook
Use the most simple way to configure forwarding of incoming messages. To do this, access the main system menu by pressing the "start" button and click "All programs." Open link in Microsoft Outlook and run the application. Expand the menu "tools" in the top toolbar of the program window and select "account settings". Go to the tab "E-mail" dialog box and select the name of your account.
Confirm the selected actions by clicking the Edit button and use the button "Other settings". Write the address of the mailbox to which you want to redirect the mail in the "Address response" and save the changes by pressing the OK button.
An alternative method of forwarding messages could be the creation of a new rule in Outlook. Select "Mail" in the navigation pane and expand the tools menu, the top bar of the program window. Select "Rules and alerts" and select the Inbox folder in the directory "Apply changes to this folder" dialog box.
Use the command "Create rule" button and select the option "Check messages when they arrive" under "Start from a blank rule". Save the changes by pressing the "Next" button, and use the check boxes in the desired row of the criteria mail messages in the following dialog box, "Step 1". Open the link underlined rules in the new dialog box, "Step 2" and enter the required data for the generated rules.
Confirm your choice by pressing the "Next" button, and apply the checkbox in the line "send to: "Recipients or distribution list" window in "Step 1". Click "people or distribution list" in the window "Step 2" and select the desired destination in the directory by double click. Save the changes by pressing the OK button, and then click Next. Write the desired name of the rule created in "Step 1" and complete the application.