Start to strengthen the immune system as soon as possible, not waiting when he will finally weaken and will no longer respond to any retaliatory action. This will help you a variety of useful procedures, for example, hardening, fresh air and exercise. In summer, begin to bear fruit various vegetable and fruit crops. The use of fresh apples, tomatoes, peppers, various berries, pumpkin, apricots and other vegetables and fruits will enrich the body with essential nutrients and vitamins. Please note that in the presence of HIV is not recommended to stay long in the sun.
Make sure to get enough vitamins and minerals. You can eat canned fruits and vegetables in the absence of natural, and use special vitamin supplements and complexes. However, before purchasing medicines, you should consult a doctor and find out if you truly need such assistance.
Focus on those organs and systems of the body that are most prone to disease. Pass the diagnostics and discuss with your doctor how to influence them, to preserve the health in the long term. HIV-positive people are advised to undergo a full examination of the body at least 2-4 times a year.
Perform physical activity and exercise throughout the year. Choose what you like – all kinds of sports one way or another are useful to strengthen the body and increase its resistance to even serious diseases. Modern viral therapy can reduce the symptoms to a minimum and you will be able to lead an active lifestyle.
Avoid stress and overexertion. Try to always be in a good mood and cheerful mood. Provide yourself with a constant working load and leisure. Be sure to sleep at least 8 hours a day, so the body had time to recover the strength necessary for resistance to various infections.
Provide yourself with protection in the form of gauze bandages, scarves or just cover your nose and mouth with a hand if in your city there came an epidemic of any disease, and you often have to be around sick people.