You will need
  • A syringe, preferably modern, imported (they have needle sharp and thin) from 2.5 to 11 ml, depending on the amount of the drug given to you by your doctor;
  • Cotton balls;
  • Alcohol to treatment 96%;
  • The medicine for injection.
Doctors recommend to do intramuscular infection in the gluteal muscle (arm muscle mass may be insufficient, and an injection in the thigh is fraught with pulling pain in the leg). The needle in the syringe should be long, you can't use the syringes for intravenous and subcutaneous injections.
Give the injection in the outer upper quadrant
Pre-practice in front of a mirror, choosing a comfortable position for you for a prick, do some standing up to someone lying on the hard ground. If you are right handed, the shot will do the right hand, turning back, and hold the left buttock.

In order to help you understand where to go, take a cotton swab, soak it with iodine, and draw on the cheek a cross, dividing it into 4 equal parts (called quadrants). Your goal is the upper outer quadrant (making a shot here, you are the least risk of damage to the sciatic nerve).
Now proceed directly to the injection. Wash your hands with soap and water. Wipe a cotton swab with alcohol ampoule. Get out of the box with the medicine blade-scarifier, nodelete tip and a bummer with the help of fleece (some of the vials around the narrow part has a color ring or color point, such ampoules rasp is not necessary, just take and break off the tip). Removed from the syringe needle cap and gaining a bit more of a desired volume of medication.

Tap the body of the syringe, expelling the air bubble up. Slightly pushing on the piston, squeeze the air and let out a little medicine from the needle, bringing the volume in the syringe until needed. The syringe is prepared for injection, close the needle cap.
Take position for the shot, wipe the place of injection with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. Another cotton swab with alcohol prep next. Remove the cap from the needle. Grab the left hand of the buttock in the right quadrant so as to form a thick cushion and confident movement insert the needle deeply into the muscle, holding the syringe perpendicular (the full length of the needle or 3/4). If you insert the needle shallowly, the medicine will not fall completely on purpose quickly, in addition, under the skin can begin inflammation.
All, the most important thing you have done, the needle is introduced! Relax, exhale, otherwise tense muscles will not allow you to enter medicine. Holding the syringe barrel with the index and middle fingers, with the thumb press to the plunger rod and slowly inject the medicine. It slowly, otherwise you risk to make a lump at the injection site.
After the medication is fully inserted, take your left hand prepared with alcohol and a cotton swab, quickly taking the needle from the skin, press it with a cotton swab the injection site. Hold it for a while.

Close the used syringe needle cap and throw it in the trash.