You will need
  • - the vial of medication;
  • a syringe of the appropriate volume;
  • - cotton pads or balls;
  • - alcohol for injection.
Open the vial. If it is marked by a white dot, just click on it, the pad of the thumb and slight movement to break off the tip. If the point is not - would first have to cut the glass with a scarifier, which manufacturers put on the package of vials. If he lost - will help ordinary nail file. Thereafter, in the same movement gently break off top of ampoule.
Open the package of the syringe. Put the needle on the syringe and carefully, without touching the metal with your fingers, not remove the protective cap. Pull the plunger of the syringe to let some air in, and then dial in his medication from the vials.
Turn the syringe needle up and tap it with your finger to let the air bubbles are gathered into one large surface. Push down on the piston, pushing air through the needle. With a small amount of medication will spill out of the needle.
Determine the injection site. If you put a shot to another person, mentally divide the buttock into four equal shares. To enter, the needle should be in the upper outer part. If you put the shot itself - the injection site is the upper third of the outer side of the thigh.
Wipe the injection site with alcohol. Sharp and confident movement insert the needle into the muscle (to do this, it is necessary to relax). Optimal depth of insertion - if from the base of the needle to the skin about 1 cm and full introduction is not scary.
Slowly push the plunger of the syringe to begin the infusion of medication. The longer and ravnomernoe it goes into the muscle more easily absorbed. So, the patient experiences less pain and avoid the risk of lumps at the injection site.
When fully administered the drug, take an alcohol-moistened cotton wool and apply to the puncture site. Short movement, remove the needle from the muscle and massage the skin with a cotton swab. If you start to form a lump - apply iodine mesh or tie for a few hours of pure cabbage leaf.