Preparation prior to injection

An ass shot is preferred to be in the supine position of the patient. This allows you to make an injection less painful and prevents accidental breakage of the needle as the muscle in the supine position relaxed.

Before placing the injection should wash hands thoroughly with soap and water. Pulling a syringe out of the package, the needle should be put on the syringe with the cap. Nedelev a vial of a drug and broke off the top end, remove the needle cap and dial the desired drug. If necessary, pre-dilute it in water for injections (or novocaine). Then, holding the syringe vertically, made a tapping movement of the nail plate to the body, thus releasing the air from the syringe. Then by pushing the plunger of the syringe to expel through the needle a whole formed in the air. In order to verify the absence of air in the syringe, it is possible to release 1-2 drops of the medicine from the needle.

Technique of injection in the buttock

To determine the correct place of injection into the buttock, you should visually divide it into 4 parts. To make an injection only into the upper outer quadrant. In this introduction virtually eliminated the probability of hitting the sciatic nerve.

The injection site is wiped with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol. The syringe should inject a sharp movement of the hand at an angle of 90 degrees to the surface of the skin of the buttocks. A needle is inserted three quarters of its length. Then slowly injected the drug by pushing the plunger of the syringe with your thumb. With a cotton ball soaked in alcohol, you should press the injection site and with a quick movement removing the syringe. After injection, it is possible to massage the injection site the same with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol. It promotes complete and rapid absorption of the drug.

It is important to observe

Each time the buttocks need to be alternated. It is impossible to make a shot in the same cheek.

For adults, even if assigned to a drug in an amount of 2 ml, it is necessary to take a syringe with a volume of 5 ml. as the needle of the syringe dvuhgorbogo very thin and small, it is used only for subcutaneous injection. For intramuscular administration is necessary patchbay syringe.

Used syringe and needle must be disposed of. You cannot use a syringe and a needle repeatedly, it can lead to infection.

If injections are made often, on the buttocks can form a small hematoma (bruising), and space shots can hurt. To improve the condition, you can periodically do iodine grid. For this you need a cotton swab soaked in iodine, to spend a few bands crisscross on the outer quadrant of the buttocks.