You will need
  • - alcohol;
  • medicine;
  • a syringe;
  • Wat.
Drug injected subcutaneously, is absorbed quickly into the blood due to the fact that the subcutaneous fat layer is rich in blood vessels. The effect of such injection is later than that of intravenous administration, but at the same time the medication, taken orally (in capsule or tablet), acts more slowly. In the hand most often are injections of hormones (growth hormone, insulin, etc.) and some vaccinations.
Wash your hands with soap and water, then wipe them with an alcohol-saturated cotton wool.
Select the location where you will be injection. It is important that the distance from the previous shotand there were at least two to three centimeters. If this condition is not met, there is a risk that the arm will appear painful seal or even scars.
Disinfect the place where you made the shot. To do this, soak a cotton ball with alcohol and wipe the entire upper arm (above the elbow). Alcohol then soak another piece of cotton and RUB the skin only where the injection will be made.
Type in a syringe medication. For subcutaneous injections will only fit an insulin syringe (no more than 1 ml). Keep him with the cure have not got an air bubble.
Shape on the hand a triangular fold of skin. With your dominant hand, hold the syringe (righties the right, lefties to the left).
Insert into base of skin folds the needle two thirds of the length. The angle of inclination must be equal to 45 degrees.
Enter the medication, gently pressing with the thumb on the syringe plunger.
Remove the needle from the skin fold, then attach to the injection site with alcohol cotton ball. Gently massage the injection site in a circular motion, to cure faster distributed and under the skin left seals.
Put the needle cap and discard the used syringe in the waste basket.