Shot in the ass: procedure

In such an important process must follow a strict sequence:

In the beginning, wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Take the vial and click on its apex, to left of the drug, and wipe the tip with a sterile cotton swab moistened with alcohol. Carefully cut the tip of the ampoule using a special nail file or knife. Remove the syringe from the packaging and put it on him a needle, removing the last protective cap. Remove the protective cap and fill the syringe from the vial the necessary amount of drug.

Put the syringe in a vertical position and tap it with the tip of the nail, so that the air bubbles rose up. Then slowly squeeze the plunger of the syringe until then, until the end of the needle will not drop of the drug. Put back on the needle cap. Wipe the place of injection with a clean cotton swab moistened with alcohol.
Some solutions should be entered quickly, therefore please carefully read the instructions to the drug.

Dramatically insert the needle fully into the buttock. Note that the needle must enter before the end, as in the case of an incomplete entry, it may not reach the right muscles. As a result, the drug is given just under the skin, causing inflammation. Slowly inject the drug. Sharply pull the needle and injection site, pull the cotton swab with alcohol.

Shot in the ass: right place, proper posture, proper grip

Before the injection, it is necessary to choose the right place for him, in order to avoid injury to the sciatic nerve. To do this, mentally divide one buttock into 4 equal parts. An upper end portion and will be your point "X".
If shot in the ass you are going to do for the first time, be sure to delimit the with brilliant green or iodine.

Once you've found an injection site, should choose the most convenient position. For people who've done intramuscular injections to others, to make a shot in a horizontal position is not difficult, but beginners will have to experiment. With a mirror try to define what you consider an acceptable pose. This can be the situation:
- lying down (on the right or left side);
- standing (half-turn with a turn to the right or to the left).

Now you need to learn how to hold the syringe. Hold the syringe in the working hand to remove the needle cap. With your free hand, grab as much skin as possible from the area of the upper end part. Formed when the skin fold and will be a place for a shot.

Then hold the syringe at the base of the needle (like a pen), put it perpendicular to the buttock and sharp movement with cotton enter the needle. Cotton serves as a kind of local anesthesia. Slowly inject contents of the syringe, sharply remove the needle and massage the injection site with a cotton swab moistened with alcohol.

As you can see, to make yourself an injection is not so difficult. However, if you are overwhelmed by doubt and fear, first practice on inanimate objects.