Advice 1: How to inject himself in the leg

Put the shot yourself yourself much more comfortable in the legthan in the thigh. But before we enter into the body, you need to visit a specialist who will give advice and call the period of treatment a particular drug. The self is not positive, and often on the contrary - negative. If you are prescribed a course of treatment with injections, buy syringes and alcohol tincture, and can start the process.
How to inject himself in the leg
Wash with soap and water and disinfect his hands with alcohol. If you put a shot in a sterile gloves, can not conduct the alcohol treatment. And only afterwards fill the syringe with solution. Then cover the needle cap and set it aside.
If you put an injection in the thigh, sit in a chair and bend your leg at the knee. With the introduction of the shotand the calf muscle of the leg you need to put on a chair under an angle of 40-45 degrees. Treat the approximate location of the injectionand alcohol. In the thigh injection you need to put in the front and in the calf in the back, where a thicker layer of muscle tissue.
Insert the needle into the muscle at a depth of about 2/3 of the total length. Enter the drug with the rate at which was prescribed by a doctor. Upon withdrawal of the needle from the skin quickly apply a cotton swab with alcohol and soak a few minutes to stop the bleeding.
If in places the injectionformed s seal, make a grid of iodine or apply a heating pad. If the condition will worsen, immediately visit the hospital, sometimes starts purulent inflammation requiring surgical intervention.

Advice 2 : How to make injections to children

For injection the child is not just good to master the technique of setting a shot. In addition to knowledge of the technique requires knowledge of child psychology. Because children are that category of patients who are the most vulnerable and defenseless, in need of special attention and participation. And still need strong nerves to withstand children's tears that often accompany the procedure.
How to make injections to children
The observance of a certain sequence of actions in setting the injection child will be useful to both the layman and the medical professional:to put injections to children, complete your office or another place productions shot interesting and original. Use bright posters, set up the toys.
First talk to the child about unrelated matters. Engage the child in dialogue with you. It is necessary to weaken the vigilance of the little man and distract him from unpleasant thoughts about the upcoming shot. And no matter what age the child, even babies react to kind words and gentle voice.
Give the child a subject which interested him for some time. It may be odd toy, book or a medical syringe without the needle. Turn on a cartoon or kids show, if available.
Act quickly and clearly. Prepare the syringe with medication. Grease a spot for the injection of medical alcohol, or skin antiseptic solution. Make the injection. During the medication administration continue to distract the child with talk. If you make the shot very young child, the use of loud and sharp sounds in order to distract the child. To put injections to children, be sure to consider their position and think of yourself in a similar situation in my childhood.
After the procedure is completed, praise your child, regardless of his reaction to the shot. Tell me, what he done, what he is brave and strong child that he is not afraid of injections and perfectly withstood the shot. Praise even if the child was crying and afraid.
Finally emphasize on the fact that the place the injection was not painful and next time do not need to fear. If the child is crying, then do it after he calms down. Become a child's affirmative response that he really didn't hurt.

Advice 3 : How to give an injection in the thigh

Intramuscular injections you can do in the buttock, arm or thigh (above the knee approximately 10-15 cm). All depends on the individual case and enter medicine. For example, oil solutions it is better to enter in the thigh muscle than in the thigh.
How to give an injection in the thigh
You will need
  • the solutions for injection;
  • - cotton balls;
  • medical 70% alcohol;
  • - a syringe.
Thoroughly rinse the hands with soap, preferably antibacterial. You can then start preparing for the injection. Remove the syringe from the package and put it to the side, the tip of the needle, do not remove. If your medicine is in powder form, then open the vial and wipe the lid with a cotton swab with alcohol. Then fill the saline syringe and pierce the rubber cap. Then carefully shake the vial and fill the syringe solution. Cover the needle tip.
Apply with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol, injection. First, wipe the area approximately 10 by 10 cm, and then the second ball 5 on 5 see then take a comfortable position. In the thigh you can do a shot in both standing and lying down. When standing the knee to be bent at an angle of 45 degrees (put a leg on the chair). It is worth noticing that the muscles as relax just lying, therefore this position is preferable.
Insert the needle treated with alcohol, in place, approximately 1-2 cm into the muscle. Start slowly to introduce the medicine. When the syringe is removed, apply a cotton swab with alcohol on the injection site and hold it for a few minutes.
With the introduction of oily solutions need to be very careful. It is impossible that the solution gets into the blood vessel lumen. So, before you enter the medication, pull the plunger of the syringe itself. If the syringe is not bleeding, then you can safely enter medicine. Otherwise, you'll have to find another place. Do not take chances, better several times to pierce the foot, than to go urgently to the hospital.
Useful advice
Injection seems less painful if it makes the other person. So if you can help loved ones, do not give up. Why? Yes, because with self-injection the person unconsciously tenses, so how does this focusing on the procedure.

Advice 4 : How do injections of antibiotics

Some medicines (most often antibiotics) to achieve the desired healing effect should be administered intramuscularly. Introduction most antibiotics subcutaneously doesn't bring the desired effect due to the fact that when injected under the skin medication forms infiltrates, causes pain and slowly dissolves.
How do injections of antibiotics


In order to successfully implement the introduction of antibiotics intramuscularly, you'll need to prepare everything in advance and purchase the necessary materials. You will need two trays for storage of sterile and waste material. As the container will fit any dishes. Also you will need a 3 alcohol wipes. You can purchase them at any pharmacy and they can be called "swipe for injection". Instead of buying wipes you can moisten an ordinary sterile cotton balls 96% ethyl alcohol.

In accordance with the dosage of the drug purchase ordinary three-way syringe with a capacity from 2 to 10 ml. You will also need the medicine that you are going to enter, and solution to prepare injections.
If the medicine must be diluted, prepare the desired composition in accordance with the doctor's instructions or the directions on the package of antibiotic.

The procedure of medication administration

Intramuscular injections should be administered in verkhnesolenyy quadrant of the gluteus Maximus. You can conditionally divide your buttocks into two parts: upper and lower. The injection should be done in the upper part of the buttocks slightly to the side, somewhat further from the spine.

It is best that the needle was in the right part of the muscle, where there is the least amount of nerve endings and blood vessels, since the injection can cause severe pain. With the injection verkhnesolenyy quadrant there is the least probability of being in the gluteal artery or the sciatic nerve. The injection in this area gives the highest probability to get into the muscle and not subcutaneous fat layer.
Try not to make a shot in the same area of the body more than 2 times a week.

An alternative to injection in verkhnesolenyy quadrant of the buttocks is an injection in the thigh muscle. Needle insertion should be performed in the middle part of the anterior surface of the muscle.

Lying on your stomach (on the side), you need to disinfect the area in which you are going to enter the drug. After that perpendicularly at an angle of 90 degrees to enter the needle itself (about ¾ the length). Then slowly push the syringe plunger and begin to evenly inject the drug. Once the introduction is completed with a rapid movement pull the needle out of the body, without creating additional manipulation and movement of the needle. Wipe the injection site with a cotton swab (cloth for injection). Wait a few minutes until, until the drug clears.
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