Wash with soap and water and disinfect his hands with alcohol. If you put a shot in a sterile gloves, can not conduct the alcohol treatment. And only afterwards fill the syringe with solution. Then cover the needle cap and set it aside.
If you put an injection in the thigh, sit in a chair and bend your leg at the knee. With the introduction of the shotand the calf muscle of the leg you need to put on a chair under an angle of 40-45 degrees. Treat the approximate location of the injectionand alcohol. In the thigh injection you need to put in the front and in the calf in the back, where a thicker layer of muscle tissue.
Insert the needle into the muscle at a depth of about 2/3 of the total length. Enter the drug with the rate at which was prescribed by a doctor. Upon withdrawal of the needle from the skin quickly apply a cotton swab with alcohol and soak a few minutes to stop the bleeding.
If in places the injectionformed s seal, make a grid of iodine or apply a heating pad. If the condition will worsen, immediately visit the hospital, sometimes starts purulent inflammation requiring surgical intervention.