Visit the itinerant exhibition that arrived in your city. Some of them may be in your interests as the exhibition of animals and plants, wax, and exhibitions of sculptures, paintings, applied arts, human achievements in various fields with the right of sale and exhibition material. Exhibitions learn something new and maybe make a major purchase for your home interior.
If you have not been to the theatre, Opera, operetta, visit the new setting. It may be a theatrical production as your artistic troupes of the city, and visitors from near and far abroad. Evening spent alone with the high art that inspires, soothes, adjusts a couple in a romantic mood.
Energetic couples will have a wonderful time on the dance floor in a nightclub. If the spouses believe that their age has gone beyond youth discos, you can ask online urban forums, where dance parties are held for couples. Waltz or tango with her own husband – what could be better?
Other places that will allow you to diversify your day, can be called a billiard, karaoke centre, bowling, karts, sauna (bath), water Park, amusement Park for adults. Choose the option that your couple will have more to taste.
For relaxation, for healing the body of both spouses and raising the General tone, mood, choose Hiking skiing, ice-skating at the city rink, sledding hills surrounding the city.
Remove for a day cabin at the tourist camp or in the houses and join in with the person you love fishing, picking berries and mushrooms, useful herbs, walks in coniferous or deciduous forest, swimming in the lake, playing badminton.
Do not forget that your couple have friends, pals, with whom you will very rarely act on its own communicate and I would like to do this more often. Arrange a meeting at your or their site, get involved and join a club, a café, the same ice rink. Socializing with friends will lift your spirits, give psychological discharge.