A classic and not a bad place for a first date can be a café. But you'll need to consider some nuances. First, from expensive restaurants refrain from – it may scare off the girl of moderate means, and perhaps opposite, to compel her attention, but not to your person, and your purse. Secondly, pubs and cafes-canteens for Dating too, because you are going to get drunk and not to pre-order lunch.

It is more appropriate to choose a small cafe or coffee shop, preferably with a little round table. You can also go to the thematic place (sushi bar, an Italian pizzeria or any art cafe), but it is better to agree in advance. If you are aware of some preferences of the girl in the drinks or the atmosphere, ask her to choose between two options. It is very desirable that these towns were not on the outskirts of the city, and at a distance of about 1-2 bus stops suddenly you will want to take a walk.

To choose for a first date, a play or a movie – a double-edged sword. The fact is that in about 2 hours you will not be able to communicate accordingly, you will be hard to understand, missed or not. But the cultural program is a plus: you don't have to wrestle with the place of a meeting, wait for her at the main entrance), and after viewing you will not suffer the exhaustion of the finger stuff. Anyway, if you decide to go "meeting with art", choose the show or movie needs it, but to buy tickets – you. "Places for kisses on the first date is inappropriate. The ideal solution would be to buy tickets in the middle of the room.

Mini-option for establishing contact attraction 5D. Typically, the video lasts no more than 5 minutes, but it's enough to get a charge of emotions, dynamics. And it's not much to distract her from your person.

Such romantic options for hanging out as a boat or river bus, and a skating or a trip to the zoo, can embarrass her or you, because if you don't like each other, quickly running away will not work. But if you had a moment of mutual sympathy and flirting, these towns will fit almost perfectly. And if you met her in a resort town, without a doubt, lead to the promenade - towards warm romantic breeze and the rustle of the waves.