No postal service does not offer users the ability to send files by folder, and all you can do, using a simple tip.If you can send e - mail files, it would be logical to turn a folder into a single file and send it. And to folder to make a file, folder, convert to files. The archive itself is a folder, only open these folders by using special programs-archivers. These programs must be installed on the computer, because they are needed in daily work.
So, right-click on the folder you want to send and select 7Zip – Add to archive or Add to archive". If there are items you found, then your computer is not set archiver. Download one of the archives on the sites at the following addresses: or Install the program on your computer, and again try to right click on the folder and find the item "add to archive" or 7Zip – Add to archive. Selecting the displayed item, you will see a window where you need to specify the location on your computer where you will store Packed to the archive folder. After selecting, press OK. Your folder is ready to send! Now it can be send by email as a regular file!