Login to a mail service Yandex. If you have no registration and mailbox, create it using "create a mailbox" in the main window of the service. Log in to your mailbox using the Mail. On the opened page click on the tab "Incoming".
Start a new letter. For this page, click "Write". Form for writing an e-mail will appear on the screen.
Enter in the "to" field the full email address of the recipient of your letter. Enter the name of the letter in the Subject field. Write the text of the letter in the main form.
Paste photograph to send email. At the bottom of the form, click "Attach files...". Seem dialog box for file selection. Find the directory and name of the file that contains the sent photograph. Select photosby pressing the "OK"button.
After the text field at the bottom of the form, a line will appear attached to the letter file photoby Grafia. Send an email with an attachment. Click the form button "Send". An email photo will be sent to the recipient. On the page you will see a corresponding message.