You will need
  • File archiving software and email client or the webmail service
Open Windows Explorer by double clicking on the shortcut "My computer" on the desktop or by pressing shortcut keys WIN + E. navigate to the folder you want to send and click the right mouse button. On the shortcut menu, click package in the archive. Depending on the archiver, the wording of this command may differ, but the meaning is the same. For example, if you use WinRAR, and the folder called "Texts", the team of packaging in the context menu would read: "add to archive Textima". If you select this line in the menu, and not "add to archive, then WinRAR no additional questions will create a file Tekstili and put it in a folder along with the contents.
Make sure that the size of the resulting archive is not too large to send by email. Almost all the public web services have limits on upload file size. If your folder is Packed does not fit in the specified limit, the archive should be split into several parts. If you use WinRAR, the rar file can be converted to a multi-volume archive. To do this, open it by double clicking, press ALT + Q and click "Compression". In the lower left corner of the compression settings there is a box called "Split to volume size (in bytes) - set a limit on the weight of each individual archive file. For example, to limit to 15 megabytes write back "15 m" (without the quotes). Then click "OK" and in the next window, the same button. The archiver will reseal your folder to several files and the source removed and will report on the work done. Close both the open Windows WinRAR archive ready to be shipped.
Create a letter that will upload a zipped folder. If you are using installed in the computer programme e-mail client for attachment to the letter prepared files just select them in Explorer and drag to the text of the letter with the mouse. And when using any online postage service, etc.), find the interface a link to add attachments. For example, in Gmail it is placed under the input field of a subject and provided with a paperclip icon labeled "Attach file". Click it, click Browse, locate the first file to the archive and click "Open". If more than one file, use the following line of attachment of the file - it will appear below that says "Attach another file".
When all the parts of the archive will be attached to the letter, send it to the recipient, do not forget to write the accompanying text and subject.