The most important thing in the game with a rat - do not forget about its size. The paws of the rodent are very thin, especially for fingers. If sloppy pinch the feet of a rodent or to drop the rat on the floor, you can break delicate bones. So try not to lift the animal high above his head that he accidentally fell.
как бороться с крысами в квартире
If you want to lift a rat by the tail, it should be done very carefully. The tip of the tail is very sensitive and you can damage the hryaschik. In addition, not all rodents are like when they raise the tail and can bite you in retaliation. It is better not to play that way even with the most peaceful rat. The reaction can be unpredictable.
Как живут домашние крысы
Rats quickly become accustomed to the hosts become tame. They can even be taught to retrieve small objects - the cap of the pen, a pencil, a small, soft ball. For this you must first attract the pet's attention to these subjects, to roll on the floor. When the rat begins to try them on the tooth, call her to him. If she brought in the mouth thing - gently take it and give the rodent a treat. Rats are quite smart and quickly understand what is expected of them.
клетка для крысы купить
To pet not to stay in a cage while you are not home, put a spinning-wheel. The rat will quickly understand the principle of its action, and will warm up while you are out. Also, leave the cage a few toys. It is better to choose items that are made of wood - they will not harm the animals.
как правельно искупать крысу
And with rat , you can play catch-up as with the cat. Tie a piece of string favorite food of a rodent and run away from him, dragging the toy. Creature will not remain indifferent and will rush to catch up with you.
как приручить крысу
Whatever game you choose, always remember safety of the animal. Carefully watch your step to not step on a tail or paw. Don't let toxic plastic toys. Do not lift the animal by the tail. Then the rat will love you with all my heart and will be a real loyal friend.