You will need
  • Libra, care and a keen eye
The easiest thing is to ask the seller or breeder. Of course, in this case, you can rely only on honesty of the person and to believe that he's not trying to shove you instead of a young animal of an elderly veteran. If the seller can not answer your question or starts to wriggle out – it is better to buy a pet elsewhere. From fraud or breeders who are not very sure you know the age of their animals, it is better to stay away.
One of the most accurate indicators of the age of a Guinea pig is its weight. Feel free to bring a scale or ask the seller when you weigh the pig on the shop scales. The fact that from the age of 3-4 weeks (and from that moment, these animals begin to go on sale) Guinea pig, no matter how much she did not eat, can not weigh more than 400-500 gr. Therefore, if the seller assures you that the animal is only four weeks old, and markusica pulled on pounds, you are deceived. Full sexual maturity in pigs occurs at the age of 15 months, maximum weight of females at this time, 700-1000 gr. males – 1000-1800гр.
It happens sometimes that with age, the Guinea pig started to lose weight. This happens closer to old age, when the metabolic processes are slower and the animal begins to eat less food, giving up large pieces. An unscrupulous seller can give you this old man for a young animal. Therefore, apart from weight it is necessary to pay attention to the secondary signs of youth. In young pigs wool is more dense, has a distinctive color, does not fall and does not tarnish. In Guinea pigs, retirees may be problems with the skin and claws on their hind legs. Usually the front paws of the animals treated themselves, but to the rear just can't reach. If you keep pet at home, the claws he needs to handle with special scissors, but the store, of course, doing no one so back from the claws of the adult do not look very aesthetically pleasing.