Let the Guinea pig longer is in free space, it is a well run and naprygalis. When you release the animal from the cage, it is better to restrict its movement to one room or area. View, as the animal will begin to romp and run around all the corners of the room, all to explore. Try to arrange the obstacle of different cubes, small flower pots, stones.
как сделать клетку для морской свинки своими руками
Old cardboard boxes can make a small structure. If you cut holes in them - entrance, it will be an interesting toy. You can see how the pig will move back and forth. These animals love to play with tubes and tunnels that can be constructed out of cardboard. Sometimes these animals love to play with a ball, to roll his foot. Play often with your pet, stroking him on the head, massage with a special brush, he likes a lot.
как обставить маленькую клетку у морской свинки
Basically Guinea pigs spend their time in a cage, so they definitely need something to do. Put that in a cage of tree branches, for example, from the Apple, willow. Small animals will love to chew on them. It will not only be fun for your pet, but also will benefit his teeth. You can put pig food in different corners of the cage, the animal will be happy to run around and look for her. You can put in a cage, wheel, some Guinea pigs love to move around. Pitch pet houses are made of grass or bamboo, grass tunnels.
морская свинка стричь когти дома
Guinea pigs can easily climb a small height, like to crawl on the stairs or special slides. At low altitude fasten the strong rope of different lengths. Soft paper towels or wipes, too, can give your pet, it will try to build a warm nest. From a plastic bottle make it a swing and gently rock them. To do this, cut the bottom and the neck of the bottle, make two holes and attach a rope.
как подстричь когти морской свинке
If it's dry and warm weather, we'll pig out. Put it in an enclosure of stone or brick, the pig would be happy to climb on, sniff and look around. These animals love to dig in the sand, so along with the pig to play in it.
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