If you decide to practice law, and where to go don't know, talk to your family and friends. Often cannot find a good place.
If this did not happen, go straight to bailiffs. This is the place where in most cases, anyone can find an opening. And the position can be quite high.
Consider the case of police work. Public authorities willing to take on the work of young professionals.
Don't want to go to work in the bodies go to the notary's office. In Russia there are many companies of this type, both private and public. In the beginning you will easily be able to become an assistant of a notary.
You need to realistically assess their strength and capabilities. Understand that newly minted graduate, even a very prestigious University in the country can not rely on high position and big salary. It comes with experience. So the career of a lawyer begins with the work of an assistant.
If you want to change this trend, then go to work even while training at the University. In their spare time you can practice, gain experience and grow professionally. This will give you benefits in the eyes of the future employer.
After graduation, don't forget to contact the organization where you interned. If they were happy with your work, we are happy to provide a permanent place.
Those who really wants to get a lawyer, do not neglect the labor exchanges. To do this, make a good summary that will attract the attention of companies and organizations. Even if they do not need new employees now, they will take note of such a good specialist.