It is impossible to become a lawyer without special higher education, extensive knowledge in the field of legal Sciences and law. Main activity of lawyer any type of control over the observance of legislation and protection of rights. This implies a thorough knowledge of all laws and regulations, as well as the ability to apply existing knowledge in practice. And this, in turn, means the presence of personal qualities such as good memory, ability to think logically and Express their thoughts, perseverance, thoroughness, sociability, ability to track causal relationships and have a good stage presence. Without these qualities a law degree is only proof that you have received basic knowledge in law and legal organization. To become highly skilled and therefore highly paid and sought-after lawyer, you need hard practice.
Like medical professionals, lawyers spetsializiruyutsya in various areas of law. The typology of this profession is quite extensive, it includes notaries, lawyers, legal advisers, judges, prosecutors, practitioners in various fields: taxation, criminal, civil, military, etc. in addition, lawyers are in demand in businesses where they practice, not only in the field of labor law, but also protect the commercial interests of the organization. Depending on the typology differ in their duties.
For example, lawyers shall ensure the legal protection of citizens ' interests in courts or other authorities. These people are independent representatives of the Law and its activities are guided and answer only to him. Lawyers may not be serving in any public or commercial structure, the only exception is the creative, scientific or teaching activity.
Notaries can be at the service of the state or have their own private practice, in this case, their activities are regulated by license. For a notary are fixed certain powers for the implementation of certain activities – registration and certification of civil documents and copies, consultations, etc.
The independence of judges, their immunity and irremovability enshrined by legislation. They have full judicial power, subject only to the country's basic law – the Constitution and Federal legislation on behalf of the state administer justice, control the execution of the laws. They can not engage in commercial activities, run for Parliament or be members of any political party.
Legal advisers working in enterprises of different ownership forms. They provide legal assistance and support of the organization's activities, advise in civil legal matters, participate in the preparation and the development of local regulations, work with claims and represent the organization in courts.