You will need
  • - documents for the loan.
If you have previously used the loan and you have had overdue payments, but you repaid them as soon as I got information from the Bank, you can safely apply for a new loan.
The main criterion considered by the Bank when making decisions, is your ability to pay and refund all amounts received, taken earlier. To confirm your solvency, you will be asked to submit income certificate form 2-pit. If the bulk of wages are issued in the envelope, you can offer an alternative option and to present the income statement on a Bank form. Also, to obtain a new loan you must obtain a certificate from the enterprise about the experience.
Banks are willing to provide loans to citizens of the Russian Federation in age from 21 to 65 years who have permanent registration, permanent job and stable income. An important factor for the positive decision on issuance of credit is existence of valuable property and no minor dependents.
Bad credit history is considered only in the case if there were no technical delays, the term of which has not exceeded 35 days, and had the full experience of non-repayment of the loan. The security service will check all the information collected from you. If you find that it is false or you have taken the credit in other banks were not returned, it will be a significant reason to deny you.
In other cases, the loan you will likely give, but may request other documents and also have solvent guarantors, if you make a large enough amount of the loan and previous credit history was thoroughly spoiled.
When making a large amount of credit instead of surety you can lay a valuable asset. This will ensure that you will receive credit, as securing financial obligations is the key to loan repayment.