You will need
  • 1. A statement in form No. 1P-filled hand-or typewritten method.
  • 2. Birth certificate.
  • 3. Two personal photos in black-and-white or color, size 35×45 mm.
  • 4. Military ID, birth certificates of children under 14 years of age, proof of registration at the place of residence, certificate of marriage, certificate of divorce.
  • 6. Receipt of payment of the state fee.
The passport division of the migration service for the replacement case. Changing passport on four grounds: achieving a citizen of the age of 20 years, 45 years, and in connection with the loss or change setting data: surname, name, patronymic.
To check the document for sharing, citizen need to contact the "passport office" or to the Federal migration service personally and to write a statement of the form 1P and attach the documents which are the basis for exchange: the marriage certificate or its dissolution, the court's decision, the damaged old passport, or pass, issued by the police, which indicates the loss of previous passport.
The production time of a new passport is usually 10 days, if necessary, the immigration officer at this time will be given a temporary ID card.
A passport may be requested to hand over the Deposit in case of conviction of a citizen for service of sentence in correctional institution and in case of conscription, but the practice in recent years, the country moves.
To withdraw the passport of the citizen of Russia in other cases, illegal. In particular, there is a myth that the Russian citizenship can deprive a person of the court, and therefore demand for an immediate "pass the passport". It is fundamentally not true, the passport is not a party card - it is not rent. Russian citizenship unilaterally to deprive no one, the renunciation of citizenship is a long and complex process that few dare even in cases of travel abroad for permanent residence.
Illegal and various requirements to take a passport as security Deposit taken, for example, the rental inventory. Citizens unknowingly voluntarily give the document proving the identity, but, according to the law and regulations about the passport of the Russian Federation, they do not have to.