You will need
  • -birth certificate
  • -two photos, black and white or color on a white background
  • receipt about payment of state duty for the form of the passport in the amount of 200 rubles,
  • -a document confirming citizenship of the Russian Federation,
  • -application form.
To obtain a passportas a Russian citizen you must first gather the documents. The first thing to do is to pay a state fee. It can be paid in branches of Sberbank, in the amount of 200 rubles. A receipt then will submit together with other documents in the passportof Mr. the table in the place of residence (registration).
The next required document is the certificate of citizenship. If you have not, then you should contact the office of the FMS. The immigration officer will give the following documents (preferably copies): child's birth certificate, passportand parents. Also need an extract from the house register (take the passportof Mr. the table). Then you stamped on nationality on the birth certificate.
Next, you will need personal photos in 2 pieces - 3.5 x 4.5 cm (35×45 mm). Make them in any photo Studio. Photographs should be black and white, in full face, with a clear picture, without hat. Simply put, you have to look the same as in life.
Now take all the above documents plus the birth certificate copy and passportand parents. Then go to the passporttion at the place of residence, where you will write the application for issuing the passportand in the prescribed form, pass the whole package of collected papers (except the papers of parents) and come to the passportom at the appointed time (usually 10 days). If you passport is not to draw up at the place of residence, then the receipt will have to wait approximately 2 months from the receipt of the documents in the unit.
At the time of receipt of the document you will need to verify the correctness of the entries made in the passport. In case of inaccuracies or typographical errors, inform the employee as the ID card must be replaced. Stamp duty no more to pay. If all information is correct, sign it in pen in a prescribed place in the passportand the application for issuance of the document. Don't forget to take a birth certificate.