You will need
  • - birth certificate;
  • - 2 photographs;
  • receipt about payment of state duty.
Within 30 days from the day of birth, apply for the primary passport to the passport office at the place of registration or actual place of residence. In the statement, specify your details: name, date and place of birth, name of parents, home address (registered address and the address of actual residence). If you were a citizen of another state, you must specify what and to fill in the date of adoption of Russian citizenship. It is also necessary to indicate the reason of issue: reaching 14 years of age. Sign the application. Attach the required documents, including the liner on citizenship, which is issued after receipt of the birth certificate. If the liner on citizenship is missing or lost, you will need additional documents: copies of parents ' passports, certificates from the place of residence.
The citizen is obliged to obtain a passport in a timely manner, otherwise it will be imposed a fine of 2 thousand rubles and above). To obtain a passport on reaching the age of 14 – not a right but a duty, which should not be neglected. You need to plan in advance getting a passport, especially if you plan some kind of trip. To submit documents it is possible not only to the passport office, but directly to the FMS. As a rule, the time registration of the passport in this case can be reduced to several days.
An employee who receives documents, check and register the statement. He will inform about the timing of readiness of the passport. Fill the application form on the official website of the FMS, however, documents must be submitted in person.
When applying for residence, you will receive the passport in 10 days, and the place of actual stay – within 2 months. At the time of registration of the passport you can request to issue a temporary document, proving your identity.