You will need
  • - statement in form No. 1P (form 1P), filled with hand-or typewritten way;
  • - birth certificate;
  • - two personal photos in black-and-white or color, size 35×45 mm;
  • - military ID (if available);
  • - birth certificates of children under 14 years of age (if any);
  • - the documents confirming registration at the place of residence;
  • - certificate of marriage, certificate of divorce (if any);
  • - receipt about payment of state duty.
A passport is issued to all Russian citizens at the age of 14. This is called the primary registration document. To obtain a passport you need to contact the "Passport office" at the place of residence. Typically, the "Passport offices" are run by managers, housing companies, EE or HOA. Pasportist conducts reception of citizens two times a week. One of these days the regulations should be conducted to 20-00 hours, it is done to ensure that citizens who work or study, could issue documents.
Once a week pasportist sent to the territorial division of the migration service (usually Wednesday), where they hand over to the inspector taken for the week, a week – takes the passports ready.
Citizens who live in the private sector, have the right to appeal to the migration service on their own. For convenience, it is recommended to call and make an appointment. To come also costs in advance, because you will need to fill in the form 1P (view statements).
Replacement of passport at the age of 20 and 45 years. The procedure in this case will not differ from primary produce, only to package these documents will be added to an old passport that UFMS will take and cancel. For replacement passports will have to apply to the same and in connection with the loss of the document, and in connection with the change of the statutory data (surname, name, patronymic, establishment of a court of any other date of birth).
If you visit the FMS or "Passport office" it is difficult for you, you can use the services of the single portal for providing state and municipal services in electronic form. For this you will need to register on the site, which is done once in life.

In the section "documents" you need to select "Registration/replacement of the passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation" and enter the data in the proposed form. The system will ask to upload the server an photo, and will show you a number of the accepted application and send your data to the migration service at the place of your residence. The inspector of Department will invite you to a reception and when you will issue a new passport.