In order to change the passport in 20 years (and later 45), you will need to pay the state fee for a new passporthydrated form (the size of it is purely symbolic). This can be done in branch Bank – and be sure to save the receipt for payment.
To replace a passportbut will need a two colour or black-and-white photos size 35 x 45 millimeters (one to be glued in the passport, the second will remain in your "personal file" in the passportof Mr. the table). Photographs should be made strictly full face without headgear. If you normally wear glasses, then to be photographed on the passport will also need glasses (nataliavanne glass).
After this you have to appear in the passporttion table with your old passport, issued at age 14, receipt of payment of registration fee and photos. In addition, for putting in the passport, stamp, may require documents confirming a residence permit; military ID (for boys), certificate of registration or the dissolution of marriage and birth certificates of children.
In the passportof Mr. the table you will need to fill out an application form for a replacement passport, and the staff of the passporttion of the table will assure your personal signature that will take your documents and let you know when you go for obtaining a new passport.
Keep in mind, replacement passportand it usually takes about two weeks – so do not plan at this time actions will require presenting the passportand (for example, traveling by plane or train; buying on credit, and so on).