During a friendly or business conversation speak loud enough and clearly. Choleric dislike those who mumbles and can hurt their rude remarks. If you have slurred and soft speech, work on yourself, exercise for the voice, for example, in a free moment, repeat tongue twisters or sing, not swallowing words. Well-delivered speech will not only help to find a common language with the hot-headed, but also to gain self-confidence.
People bright temperament may be more prone to narcissism. They seek to be the center of attention and not ignore any compliment. Do not flatter choleric, and a sincere praise or gratitude just pronounce boldly, openly and honestly.
They absolutely can not tolerate criticism and sometimes even a harmless joke can take on your account. If you are not satisfied with something, try to give clear and good reasons. Do not raise the tone – choleric able to shout just hot-headed. Never blame it for all the blunders, otherwise, instead of a constructive conversation will come out of the scandal with the smashing of crockery. For one talk choose only one contentious issue. Start with praise and end with thanks for constructive dialogue.
Do not be slow and do not require routine duties from him. It is better to just invite the hot-headed to the theater or a concert followed by a discussion. People of this temperament is very fond of art. During a joint journey don't stop him if he wants to climb on boulder mountain or go on Safari. But stay close: if the hot-headed will face difficulties, you have to take some action while he will be angry and waving his arms.
Choleric – leader, which is essential in business but very strongly in family life. It is poorly differentiates between business and family space, pushy. If something does not suit, ask them to show you how best to do this or that: keep the car, cutting the salad, dress the baby, play with the cat, kiss, etc. Being prone to vanity, the hot-headed will quickly develop a taste for it, because you just admitted its originality and flair.