Quite often, users who are faced with the need to convert Html page to Word is required, not all information stored on the page, but only its separate part.

The easiest way

The user, faced with a similar need, maybe just to open the desired page and using the mouse to highlight the Html text page, copy it by pressing the hot keys Ctrl + C on your keyboard and paste this snippet of a page in Word. Unfortunately, this method does not always work and certainly it will not help if you want to copy information stored on the page and its code.

How to convert Html to word?

In order to convert Html page into Word, the user will need special programs-converters, which are now quite a lot on the Internet. For example, you can use TotalHTMLConverter. This software allows you to save Html pages in a variety of formats, including doc, which is used in Word. The program interface is quite simple, and it means that can be used by anyone. To convert a file from one format to another, it is sufficient to save the Html link to the page (this can be done by pressing the right mouse button in the window and select the menu "Save as..."). After the link is saved on the computer you want to run this software, find the saved link to the site to set next to it a tick in the box to Convert to: select doc. The procedure of conversion is completed.

There is another way of converting Html pages to Word, but this will require two programs, the first of which converts Html to PDF and the second PDF to DOC. To convert the Html page to download and install doPDF. After the launch you want to be saved on a computer page and convert it to PDF. After that you should set, for example, TotalPDFConverter that converts PDF directly to DOC. You need to specify the folder where the source file is located, select the source PDF file and target format, in this case, it is DOC. In the end, using one of the above methods, the user can easily transfer the Html page into the format supported by Word and use it to their needs.