Adobe Reader is the official pdf viewer

The app developed by the developer of the pdf format. It is not surprising that the functionality of Adobe Reader is much superior to all existing analogues from other manufacturers.

Main advantages:
• easy system scaling of the document — you are able to open the page in full screen, and snap the scale horizontally and vertically;
• powerful search system that allows you to find text within the open document, but in all pdf files in the specified folder.
• spell check;
• customize applications for users with disabilities — automatic scrolling of the document, one keyboard without using the mouse, reading the document out loud.

• large size distribution;
• takes up a lot of space in the main memory;
• works slower than some competing programs.

The latest version of Adobe Reader is available at There you can find a detailed description of the program and a link to training resources.

Third-party programs

Home users rarely need all of the many possibilities the official app from Adobe. A good alternative may be third-party programs.

Foxit Reader

The program is not overloaded with additional functions, but has everything needed for comfortable viewing of documents. Has a small distribution, does not require installation and has a high speed.

Foxit Reader provides three options for scaling: 100%, page width and snap to window borders. You can add and save comments, and print. Use integrated search system document.

The main drawback of the tool is not always correct processing of the images. And watermarks in the accompanying notes and adding ads when using some features in the free version.

You can download the program on the developer's site at The app is compatible with any version of Windows and has a Russian interface.

STDU Viewer

Free utility for viewing documents, which can replace several programs. The main feature of STDU Viewer is to support numerous file formats: PDF, DjVu, TXT, TCR, Comic Book Archive, EMF, BMP, TIFF, PNG, GIF, JPEG, PSD.

The application has the ability to adjust brightness, contrast, gamma for comfortable work with files. And in addition there is a function change the resolution of the preview of the displayed page.

STDU Viewer offers many options for scaling: displays the page full screen, zoom to selection or screen, as well as scaling by width. Function change the resolution of the viewing individual pages.

Utility is available for download at: Website developer, in addition, there are articles about the app setting.

Sumatra PDF

Very compact and fast file viewer. Has a simple interface, to understand that can even inexperienced user. To navigate the document are convenient shortcuts.

Distribution of Sumatra PDF, you can download it Feature of the program is that Sumatra PDF does not lock files. Documents opened in that app, are available for simultaneous editing in other programs.

How to open a pdf using Internet browser

Modern version of browsers such as Firefox or Google Chrome, have a built-in tool for viewing pdf files. It is enabled by default and allows you to view in documents. You can scroll and zoom the page, copy the text or download the document to your computer and send it to print. In addition, the developed plug-ins that extend the functionality of the built-in viewer.

In addition, in the Internet there are many online services that allow you not only to view files with pdf extension, but also to produce them in various operations — edit, delete metadata, set security, convert. One of the most functional is FoxyUtils. In addition to standard transactions, edit and convert pdf, the service supports mail merge and split documents, as well as unlocking and installation protection. Unfortunately, like other such resources, there are a number of limitations. The service works with files of no more than 50 megabytes. Download the result in an hour.