You will need
  • it is a flat stone;
  • - heat source (stove, oven, fire, alcohol burner);
  • products.
First choose a suitable stone. It needs to have a smooth surface of about 15x15 cm, good thermal conductivity so that the heat remained for a long time. The most hygienic polished stones because they are easy to wash. Much appreciated gabbrodiabase stones that are mined in Karelia, soapstone and lava stones, they do not crumble and do not crack. In an extreme case, you can try to cook on a conventional smooth stones, which are found on the banks of rivers.
Keep in mind that the thicker the stone, the more time it requires for heating, but it will keep warm longer. The optimal thickness of 10-15 cm Can be made using two flat stones. In this case, the lower stone rests on hot coals, he put the products on top close second with a flat stone, also heated. As a result of thermal treatment is carried out from two sides.
Properly warm up the stone so it is not cracked and not split. Heat in the oven, on the stove, the campfire or in the fireplace. Important gradual heating from room temperature to raskalennoy. In addition, the stone must be absolutely dry, with strong heating inside the damp creates steam pressure and can even explode.
To cook a lot and quickly, think about the constant heat. You can install the stone on the stand, and under it put one or two alcohol burner. If on a heated stone to cook for 20-30 minutes, such a "stove" to cook all day.
If you bought a stone slab in the store, follow the instructions for use. Such stones cannot be washed with aggressive cleaning agents, and products for cooking wrapped in foil or parchment paper without using fat.
When the stone is nice and hot, smear the surface with grease or oil and put the product for frying. Often on the rocks fry meat, fish, vegetables, seafood. You can also toast the bread, eggs, sliced fruit.
If the products are cut into thin slices, they will cook quickly and are crispy. Large pieces require a longer cooking due to even heat from the stone they are cooked through evenly throughout the thickness. Choose your method of cooking, you can try different ways at the same time. That meat or fish was more succulent during the cooking water with broth or sauce.