All about the non-stick coating

Non-stick frying pan coatings made from PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), which is inert and safe material, consisting of carbon and fluorine. This material has excellent non-stick properties and will not react to alkalis, acids, solvents and oxidizing agents. Chemical resistance PTFE exceeds the resistance of all known precious metals and synthetic materials.
Polytetrafluoroethylene is resistant to high temperatures and does not react with household chemicals, food and water.

Use a pan with a damaged non-stick coating is permitted, since the particles that enter the body are removed from it in a natural way and is not broken down by digestive enzymes. The manufacturers recommend heating the pan more than 230 degrees because of the butter at this temperature, start to smolder, releasing carcinogens and making the food less healthy. However, the modern frying pan with non-stick coating does not require the use of large quantities of oil or do not need it.

Using a damaged fryer: is there any harm?

Most often the non-stick coating is damaged fork, knife, hard washing sponges and extreme temperature changes. Such properties are partially lost, and the food begins to burn – however, the oxide film formed on the coating when in contact with air, does not allow the metal to get to the products. Use a pan with a damaged coating can be the same as immediately after its purchase, the only important condition is – you should not store food in the pan, putting it together with the contents in the fridge.
Polytetrafluoroethylene is the substance that is biologically compatible with the human body, which is often used in medicine.

Wash the damaged pan to gently and soft sponge which will not "hurt" the non-stick coating even more. Today, you can find Teflon, ceramic and titanium coating is damaged Teflon use is strongly not recommended, but high-quality ceramic and titanium are not cheap, but safe fun. However, according to many experienced mistresses, the best and inexpensive solution for cooking are the traditional pans without non-stick coating.