Send a Fax via the Internet. This way in the modern world the simplest and most reliable. High quality transmission is ensured by the fact that the message to the server, in most cases placed in the West, comes as an e-mail without loss of information. Then the sending has been going on foreign lines, which meet the highest quality standards.
Sign up for one of the sites that provide services for sending a Fax via the Internet. For registration sometimes it is enough sending blank emails to the email address of a site dealing with sending faxes. In order to send a Fax in Germany, upon registration you will receive a personal number of Internet Fax.
Open your account. The expense will need to send the required number of faxes. Select the subscription you are interested in the volumes – from a few faxes per month to several thousand faxes a day. In accordance with the selected subscription Fund your account.
Create a Fax message. Try to Word-ovskom the document was at least images. Pictures send in any of the available formats, for example JPEG, GIF, BMP and PNG. Remember that the easier the picture, the faster it will go.
Send a Fax message as a simple e-mail. In the Rules of International dialing code check Germany. Now type: "+ " international prefix character, the code for Germany is "49" and the Fax number. For example: +49 91 12345678. Some sites have drop down country codes - then the symbol "+" do not type.
Check your e-mails. Your e-mail will receive notification that the Fax has been sent. If the Fax was not sent, you will receive a report indicating the reasons for the failed attempts.
Send Fax to Germany at once to multiple recipients. To do this simply select them from your address book.