Types of wax for hair removal

There are several types of wax for hair removal, characterized not only by purpose but also by the achieved result. The most easy-to-use cold wax is sold in the form of strips, which is enough to warm in his hands, then immediately use. But this wax has a substantial drawback: the bulbs are almost not injured, and the hair grows back after only a few days after epilating.

A good epilator is a warm wax, the temperature which only slightly exceeds body temperature. It can be reheated in a water bath or in the microwave, the consistency of the wax will stay creamy, which allows it to mate even with the short hair.

For the most painless hair removal uses hot wax, which prepares the skin, opening under the influence of temperature pores. It is used not only for feet but also for bikini area. Such a hair removal wax at home requires a certain skill, because without special help melting wax faster to heat it hot, but not scalding temperature, it is not always possible the first time.
When choosing waxing for hair removal need to consider that you cannot use it in the presence of varicose veins and inflammation on the skin.

How to make a bikini wax

Before epilation the skin should be prepared, washing and drying, as the surface needs to be degreased. This will not only facilitate the hair removal itself, but the subsequent removal of residual wax. The wax need to be heated to the temperature appropriate to its type, then using a spatula, apply to skin and to press the fabric or paper strip wax.

After the wax cools, there will be only to dramatically tear a strip of him from the skin in the direction of the natural growth of hair. After the procedure, well apply on clean skin a soothing cream or lotion to prevent skin irritation.
Length of hair for successful hair removal should be not less than 0.5 cm, or extract them using wax will fail.

The advantages and disadvantages of waxing

The benefits of waxing are obvious:
- affordable cost of consumables;
- the possibility of self-realization;
long - term effect;
- subsequent to regular use of thinning hair.

But the disadvantages of waxing are also available:
- irritation on the skin;
- occasional ingrown hairs;
- painful procedure, although the reviews on this subject can be found in various, and largely the feeling depends on individual sensitivity of the person.