Because, in truth, who is a womanizer? Passion for women is the essence of a man like for others, love for ice cream, or waving hands.

Who are the bangers?

It turns out that a womanizer — a man loving women. It's not terrible tyrants who beat their loved ones or do not allow them to step aside. It misogynists who hate the very feminine. And moreover, it is not gay men, for whom women are absolutely not interested in sexually.

Besides, players use the opposite way of reciprocity. So each of them has something attractive that makes women breathe to the men concerned.

Strange is the fact that on the one hand, women love and want to be with a womanizer, on the other hand, the word "womanizer" is often heard in the negative and the unpleasant context.

It would be nice to deal with someone who is beneficial to present the favorites of women in a negative light. But the answer lies on the surface. First and foremost, players can be displeasing to the jealous men in the second turn jealous wives. And the main charges, which the wolves hear in the address are: broken hearts, propaganda of immorality, destruction of families and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.

But is it really so terrible? After all, humankind long ago invented contraception, and people who claim to immorality, it is unlikely that they are unable to answer for their actions.

How to survive a womanizer?

Many people believe that the desire for amorous adventures — it's such a habit, akin to the fascination of alcohol or chewing of the pencil. People wanted — and got rid of it. But is it really?

Bit of a womanizer the man is a piece of himself. It's his inner self. Of course you can get people to change their inner world, but it will be a completely different person. Force the slut to stop being a womanizer is to clip his wings.

For women who have linked their lives with a womanizer, there are five different strategies of behavior.

The first is to change the person. But vain illusions, believing that it is possible to change an adult. In this case, the man will have to sacrifice himself jealous. He will be miserable and lose the core of life, which forced him to flit. It will not be able to bring happiness to a woman. And most likely end gap.

The second strategy is the strategy of "if I don't know anything — so nothing happens." This approach can be a compromise for both, but most likely not for long. First, he could develop into a permanent distrust that later may result in total control.

The third strategy is the easiest to disperse. She doesn't need any explanation.

The most difficult strategy is the silent patience. Do not assume that over time the suffering will diminish. The pain will gradually eat away at the woman inside, which can lead to internal and eternal torment.

The latest strategy involves a look at the situation from a different angle. Why women must be bad if her man feels good? It may seem that thereby a man takes time and attention, but is it? A womanizer is always returned, and it means that he thinks your woman the best, and no rival she is not afraid. Also, if women were throwing themselves at the man, confirms his brilliance. Don't forget that players are mostly good lover and not badgering their second halves unjustified jealousy.

Do I need to tolerate a womanizer every woman chooses for herself. One can feel with him the Empress and the other unhappy and insulted.