The most natural option is to apologize to your loved one. Apologize, reassure him: you didn't mean to offend, just was out of control. Here you can cry on his shoulder, complaining and listing: on the uploaded beyond measure, picky customer whole soul exhausted, the chief was unfairly picked on. In most cases a man then he hurries to comfort the offender, assuring that all have forgotten and have no complaints.
If you ask for forgiveness do not want to act more subtly, in a roundabout way, with a truly feminine art and cunning (in a good way). Take guiltily ashamed of something like "self-humility", let a well-dosed tear in his voice. A man without words you will understand that you regret, regret what happened.
Sign language and body is as old as the world. Gently cling to the offended man, Pat him on the head, petrites cheek on the cheek, hug, kiss, whispering gentle words. Rarely a man will stand before this "apology".
In some cases, will not prevent some theatrical silliness (of course, if caused offence is not too strong). Prayer folded hands, deliberately terrified, the question asked in a trembling voice: "You're with me now never gonna make up?" and here's a man who's just angry nozzles, his brow furrowing, fun, ready to laugh.
Perhaps the most serious error that can prevent a woman in this situation – to do nothing. Like, okay, suffer, and generally, "on offended carry water". Yes, there are women who somehow sincerely believe that the offense have the right to only they. And men, once belong to the stronger sex should take their emotions and the extremes of nature with stoic patience.
What can you say about this? This behavior does not honor the woman. And she should neither be surprised nor angry if you'll stop loving her. Blame for this is the only she.